Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Secrets to Access Global Audience

I am going to tell you that how I find a best solution to get online existence with the help of website Development Company. I am new in business field and setup a business locally a year before but my business was not growing in way in which I was expecting. I search on net that how I can get more business to generate revenues. I also consult my friends but I was unable to find a perfect solution for my problem.

I went to my friend’s office who is running a software company. We were talking about my problem and his friend that was also there give me the idea to get online existence. I was unable to understand what he is talking about. He told me that for online existence you need a website which will represent you on the internet. To get online existence you need a website development company providing web development services. If you are running a business you must have a website to get connected to your global users. Having online existence provides you facility to promote your products and services to users interested to buy your products or want to get your services.

So I decided to develop a website for my company for online appearance and after getting online existence I noticed positive improvement in my clients. My sales was increased and now I going to extend my business on large scale.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Phases of Website Development

There are number of steps in website development and design process. This process starts from gathering initial information then site development and ends at maintenance.  Maintenance is a process to keep a website up to date.

The basic steps of web site development process are:
Information gathering is the first step in website development and designing. It is a process in which we understand the purpose of a website. It means that what you are providing through your website to customers it can be a sort of information, want to promote a service or sell a product. When you understand the purpose of website you are able to produce an awesome output.
After understanding the purpose of website we set goals. Goals are the target you want to achieve by building website which can be money or information sharing.

The next step is providing content to your audience. You have to know that what type of content your targeted audience is looking for so that you can provide them that type of content.
Targeted traffic you should know that what specific group or type of group you want to target. You have to know about their interest’s age and sex.
The next phase is the planning phase we use the all the information gathered in the information gathering phase and on the basis of gathered information we make a plan for website development. The site map consists of main topics and sub topics. This guides us that what type of content will be used on the website and gives idea about the proper navigation.  When a website has a user friendly interface it appeals the user and give smooth navigation.

Design your website according to the need of your targeted audience. If you are going to target the youth then your website must be different from a website developed for a university. The website must have a logo and you must have to select best logo for your website as it is going to represent you on internet.
After designing phase the next phase is website development it is the time when your website is created. The development phase starts with homepage development followed by shell for internal pages. The shell is like the template for inner pages because it contains the main navigation structure of website. You provide content of the whole website to designer and designer will take content and then distribute it throughout the appropriate areas of website.

The next phase is the testing of website in which all details are tested and checks the complete functionality of compatibility issues. Compatibility of all web bowers are tested and the validity of code.  The code validity means that all the code written during website development meet the current development standard. When the website is tested then the developer uploads your website on server using FTP (file transfer protocol). After getting domain name registration the website must be checked last time to confirm that all the files are uploaded properly and the website is fully functional.

I hope this article will guide you to develop a website of your own choice which can meet all the standards of website development process.


Thursday, 29 March 2012

Looking for Best Website Development Compnay

Nexter Solutions is website Development Company. Nexter solutions provide website development, web application development and cheap web design and all types of IT related solutions. We fully understand the customers need and what we have to deliver for brilliant work.

Our website developers are trained experienced certified developers. We have delivered a range of custom online solutions like ASP web development, PHP web development E-Commerce websites and a lot more. Our devoted and experienced web development team builds websites with latest skills and creative ideas. We provide high quality work keeping requirements of clients in mind on time. Our team has wide experience in developing and designing well structured websites. We are highly experienced in developing dynamic e-commerce websites. We deliver best results to client and ensure the delivery of our projects at due time.

We know that website is very important for all business to show their existence on the internet. The internet is a very big source of getting targeted traffic and without having a website you are missing huge volume of traffic for your business. That’s why our developers ensure delivery of best website to clients and also offers services like maintenance and cheap web design for customers.
 With website development we also provide website promotion services at affordable rates so that your customers can find you on the internet among millions of your competitors.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Phases of SEO Process

If you have a new or an established website and want to increase traffic the seo expert can help you do so. The seo perform best activities and techniques to get better rankling in search engines result like Google, Bing, Yahoo and MSN. We can say that organic seo is a process in which a website is setup to achieve solid high ranking in search engines result against the keywords selected by the seo.  The techniques used by seo are:
·         Domain Analysis
·         Keyword Research
·         Competition analysis
·         Website structure and check coding error
·         Forming an Seo strategy
·         Meta tags and description
·         Checks internal linking
·         Checking search engine ranking and creating status report
The benefits of the above techniques are that the traffic of your website is increased. Seo creates your brand identity by showing your website in search engines results. The seo experts creates better ranking in search engine results. When your website appears on the first page of search engine results it will boosts your online presence and product sales. The search engines direct targeted traffic to your website and in results you low client acquisition costs.  Seo enables you to compete your strong competitors efficiently and effectively. Your website get continues online visibility by doing seo.
All in all the organic seo is the most effective and cheapest marketing tool on the internet.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Website Designing and Development

In this competitive time the development and growth of internet the business companies have understand the need of a website development for their business. To get expand business and get global custpomers a business must have a website to show their existence on the internet.
 After deciding to have a website the first step is that whether you want to be like all the rest of websites or your business desrve unique and special identity. If you are intrusted to get unique and oerfect identity contact a website development company.
Web development or cheap web design company consider the present and future needs of the customers and you will get as it is as you want to. Once a website is developed it need changes to improve content and functionality and the cutom websites are easily changed for improvement. Whenever you want to make changes in the website you have to go back to your developer for changes
You can get free websites from the website providers like Yola,Weebly, Google sites etc. The major draw back of those websites is that you are not able to change the whole website because there is limitation of changes in design and format.  You cannot change the websites for improvement but the major advantage of website template is that it saves your time
So I prefer the website development and cheap web design company to develop a website.

Steps of Website Development

The website development is the term used for internet development to get global representation or for a private network. If you want to get a website for your business you have to get services of web Development Company. Before going to search a right development company for your website keeps the following points in mind.
Web development is term used for all the factors used in the making of website, while a cheap web design can only make website design. While a website development company will provide you a lot more services as compared to the cheap web design company. The web development company will provide you many services like content development, e-commerce applications, security configuration etc.
Now you have to identify your needs and for this purpose you have to sit with your website designer to understand the services need to develop a website of your niche. For example you are running a business and want to sell your products online you need e-commerce applications on your website. Your web designer will be able to guide you about other requirements to develop a proper website of your choice.
There are some basic parameters you need to know before selecting a web development company is to make sure that they can provide you all the services you need and they offer you low budget to develop a website.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Website Development History

The website development starts since the mid of 1990s, and become the fastest growing industry of world. After five years in 1995 there were only 1ooo web companies in United State, but with the passage of time the number of Web development companies increases and in 2005 there were over 30,000 companies in only United State.
The number of Web development companies increases due to the demand of web development and cheap web design because the larger business wants to target the global users to increase sales and profitability. By the use of internet the business can get more targeted traffic from all around the world. To show the online existence a company needs website to get access to the targeted global users and show them the products and services offered by the company. Those factors increase the demand of web development companies and build the interest of investors to invest in this industry.
The coast of web development and Designing is very low as compared to the past years because at the starting one can have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for web development and Designing. Now one can develop a free website using free website builders like Yola, Weebly and Google Sites etc and can get cheap web design depending upon the niche. Now the small businesses and individuals can also develop their websites from small website development companies because those companies’ charges less as compared to lager web development companies.